Improve courier fleet efficiency by 20% with precise geocoding

Address search API for logistics in SEA powered by >150K crowdsourced addresses
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Maaaps mappers

Do more deliveries per hour

Maaaps crowdsources addresses no one else has so your costs
per delivery go down

Conversion rate

The visitors you already paid for in search and social bounce when they cannot find an address. Our Autocomplete API helps them find what they need, so your traffic converts better

Support workload

Bad maps create a mess everywhere — your call center included. With Maaaps, you get less inquiries about broken addresses

Meeting time

Couriers and drivers look for an entrance 2x longer when an address is wrong. More precise data means your fleet goes exactly where they need and you don’t pay for wasted time

Retention rate

With better address data, your service becomes more predictable for your customers, so more of them retain

What We Do

Our mapping teams on the ground collect addresses and POIs in
every neighborhood. Data is available with a simple API call

Address Suggestions

Help your customers find destination of their parcels with smart address search

Direct Geocoding

Turn an address into coordinates of building entrance and so your routing engine does the job perfectly

Reverse Geocoding

Turn coordinates to a street name and building number or POI. Your courier would never get lost again

How Maaaps Works


We collect the data

Every week we map thousands of addresses and POIs in Metro Manila that cannot be found elsewhere with rooftop precision

Call Maaaps API


Your metrics improve

Maaaps mappers

We work with

On-demand B2B intracity delivery
India & MENA
Fleet management and routing platform
Realtime courier matching engine



Forever free for universities, scientists, non-profits and companies with < 10K monthly API calls
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